'Wouldn't it be a blue flower?'  


While I was in the one-year residency program, I painted images of the surrounding environment on canvases. Most of them are thin and dry images of  old factories. Just like all the other landscapes, the images allow me to be aware of the phenomenon incurred by the remainder of my memories, which is  very different from the facts. I try to capture images of geographical environments around me, but they soon lose their specialness. keeping the safe distance from the objects, I refrain from being too sympathetic or over-identifying with them, and only express the image as a situation on the canvas. All the images are represented as abandoned areas and empty spaces, where time will no longer be reconstructed. The aura of old landscapes and spaces is replaced by artistic effort, where there is no room for dry facts to get in. also There is no comforting familiarity to be found here. 

2016. Hong-ti art center artist in residence

artists exhibition. Korea.